Kirsten PowersThe myth is pervasive and persistent. And no amount of reality has yet dispelled it. Those who cling to the myth—who believe the reality of their own imaginings—are ignorant either of faith or politics, or both. In truth, the myth isn’t only silly, it’s stupid. But many on either side of the pew and either side of the aisle continue to believe it and perpetuate it.

The myth?

That to follow Christ you must be a conservative Republican, and to be a conservative Republican you must follow Christ.

It’s a baseless notion . . . just as Kirsten Powers. Kirsten is a liberal Democrat, which is no insult. She describes herself as such. A contributor to Fox News, Kirsten was a former Clinton White House bulldog. But unlike many liberals—and many conservatives, for that matter—she isn’t a mindless automaton. Kirsten is a thinking and thoughtful liberal. And I respect her judgments, whether I agree with her political views or not.

Though we share different political philosophies—she believes in big, progressive government and I believe in small, restrictive government—I was thrilled to learn that Kirsten is a sister in Christ. Perhaps because we do share different political philosophies the thrill was more palpable, because it proves Scripture once again: there is neither Jew or Greek, nor slave or free, nor male or female, nor Republican or Democrat, nor conservative or liberal in Jesus Christ.

In April Kirsten gave an interview to Focus on the Family Radio, discussing the article she wrote shaming the national media for not covering abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s murder case in Philadelphia. The whole interview is worthy of your time, but beginning at 17:20 Kirsten talks about how she came to faith in Christ, after attending Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. I encourage you to listen to her testimony and see if you don’t agree that Kirsten exposes the Christian/conservative myth for what it is—a myth. See if you also don’t agree that calling Kirsten a sister in Christ is an honor and a joy. And see if you, like me, will commit to praying for Kirsten as she seeks to be salt and light to a bland and blind segment of our country.

And when it comes to politics and faith, never forget that the goal of our faith isn’t making converts to conservatism, but converts to Christ. Kirsten may not be in our political family, but she is in our spiritual family—and that is forever.

Welcome to the family, Kirsten.

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