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Two great passions have marked and guided my life: faith and freedom. I have dedicated my professional life to challenging honest skeptics, seekers, and followers of truth to wrestle with the most pressing questions regarding the life of faith and the preservation of liberty. Specifically, I encourage and exhort Christians to live out their faith without fear or malice, and I engage shapers and consumers of culture with the message that Jesus is the author of freedom.

An accidental writer, I trained as a public speaker. At the University of Texas at Austin, I majored in rhetoric. (I like to say that I have a B.S. in B.S.—and being from Texas, I knows how to stretch the blanket.) After undergraduate work at UT and receiving a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, I began a public speaking consultancy, working with professionals and politicians. Later, I wrote for an internationally known Christian ministry where I authored and co-authored twenty-five books.

I am also the author of three books published by The Jeter Press: Our Day of Dependence: A History Lesson from Thanksgiving,  A 911 for 9/11: Finding Answers to the Evil of September 11, 2001, and O America! A Manifesto on Liberty.

I am a contributing op-ed writer for The Christian Post. My work has appeared on the websites of Insight for Living, the Bible Teaching Ministry of Charles R. Swindoll, Liberty Alliance member sites, and former “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron, as well as in The American Conservative.

I am the son of American patriots, including one who fought with George Washington during the American Revolution, one who fought along side of Robert E. Lee during the lost cause of the Confederacy, and another one who gave his life in the 1836 battle at the Alamo during the Texas Revolution. Boyhood trips to the Alamo and other historic places, dressing up as Daniel Boone for a school event, and authoring an one act play in the fifth grade (“Spirit of ’76”) instilled in me an abiding love of American history. A love which has only grown deeper and richer since those schoolboy days.

Along with the Founding Fathers, I believe only a religious and virtuous people are capable of securing, establishing, and preserving liberty. America’s brave forefathers secured our liberty with arms and blood. They established our liberty with parchment and ink. We will preserve our liberty with courage and vigilance to the principles they laid down in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Our task is no less important than theirs; nor is it for the faint of heart. Only the courageous can maintain their liberty, as only the courageous can secure and establish their liberty. Therefore, if we mean to live free, we must be brave.

My work is borne out of my dual passions for faith and freedom. They are the subjects I speak and write about most enthusiastically.

If you’d like to engage me on matters of faith and freedom please read, comment on, and share my articles. If you’d like to talk with me about a speaking engagement or a writing project please get in touch with me through my Contact page, my Twitter account, or my Facebook page. And please sign up for my monthly e-newsletter.

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