9/11 and the American Soul

Has it really been fourteen years? In my mind’s eye it was just yesterday when Chris Williams, Jan White, and I left our Boston hotel on our way to your Rhode Island client, CVS Pharmacy, and Chris received the call from Joe, her husband: America was under attack. In the days following September 11, 2001, […]

“The Liberty Threat”: Is America Losing Her Religious Freedom?

The power and beauty of “We the people” no longer means what it once did because we the people no longer give much thought to the document that made famous that phrase. In fact, we the people no longer remember that that phrase and document, among other things, were drafted to “secure the blessings of […]

Obamacare: Tyranny Unmasked

On February 20, 2014, in America, Barack Obama, Congress, Freedom, Government, Liberty, Politics, U.S. Constitution, by Derrick G. Jeter

Settled law. That’s what we were told Obamacare was. But there’s nothing settled about it, which is what makes it so unsettling—from the Supreme Court’s ruling that the government can compel citizens to engage in commerce (thereby delegitimizing the people’s liberty), to the amateurish rollout of the health care website, to Congress excusing themselves from […]

What Makes America Exceptional?

On October 1, 2013, in America, Barack Obama, Patriotism, Politics, Russia, by Derrick G. Jeter

American exceptionalism is making a comeback . . . of sorts. The last two major speeches by President Obama—his televised speech on Syria and his address to the United Nations General Assembly—included references to American exceptionalism. Even Vladimir Putin, Russia’s communist-loving president, used the phrase in a New York Times op-ed. Historically, President Obama isn’t […]

Obama’s Unserious Syrian Speech

On September 18, 2013, in America, Barack Obama, Muslims, War, by Derrick G. Jeter

When the America president appears on national television to address the American people it’s a big deal. His subject, language, and setting need to carry weight—gravitas. Prime time presidential speeches are serious matters. And for the president—and America by extension—to be taken seriously his speech must be clear, cogent, and commanding; it needs to have […]

Syria’s Sticky Wicket: Congress, Red Lines, and the Bombing of Assad

On September 9, 2013, in America, Barack Obama, Congress, Terrorism, War, by Derrick G. Jeter

Let’s stipulate that Secretary of State John Kerry was justified in calling Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad “a thug and a murderer.” Let’s also stipulate that the use of chemical weapons on your own people is an act of such barbaric inhumanity as to deserve the worst punishment the civilized world can mete out without losing […]

The New Slavery: Obama Speaks about the Zimmerman/Martin Case

On July 22, 2013, in America, Barack Obama, Rhetoric, Truth, by Derrick G. Jeter

As a general rule I don’t follow murder trials, especially those in other communities. My own community has enough problems to demand my time and attention without the distraction of keeping up with another’s local news story that has no direct bearing on my family and neighbors. This is all the more true when media […]

Americans Have Always Distrusted Government

It should come as no surprise that Barack Obama is a man of the left. As such, he tends to downplay American exceptionalism and overplay his global worldview. As a partisan politico he has elevated opponent bashing into an art form. But his latest scree against conservatives was historically unhinged. On May 5, 2013, President […]

Hey, Baby and “Honor” Killings

On January 30, 2013, in Abortion, America, Barack Obama, Children, Culture, Death, Martin Luther King Jr., Roe v. Wade, by Derrick G. Jeter

Nothing is more precious than the chubby toes of a baby. Black, brown, red, yellow, or white—baby feet are the cutest and most innocent things ever created by the everlasting Creator. How is it then that Mehcad Brooks, who was born with beautiful chubby feet, could grow into a man who celebrates the destruction of […]

The Aspirational Inaugural

Barack Obama, at his second swearing in, placed his hand on two Bibles, one owned by Abraham Lincoln and one belonging to Martin Luther King Jr. One man white, one man black, both committed to civil rights. The symbolism was rich. Too bad, however, neither the spirit of Lincoln’s magnanimity nor the spirit of King’s […]