We Three Kings

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The first Christmas was mixed with heart leaping joy and heart breaking sadness. When the magi first saw the baby Jesus—the King of the Jews—Matthew said “they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy” (Matthew 2:10). But when the magi didn’t return to Jerusalem King Herod “became very enraged, and slew all the male children who were […]

From Good to Very Good to Glory: The Art of Making Culture

Andy Crouch is a master communicator about culture. You’ve never heard of Andy? Well, he calls himself a journalist—“one who makes the complex simple”—and works for the magazine Christianity Today. Andy is, however, more than a journalist, he’s a thinker. And he’s thought a lot about culture. Earlier this week I attended a conference, hosted […]

A One Word Christmas Carol

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The meaning of Christmas is simple, yet profound: God became Man, born to die and live again so that mankind might be born again and never die. The meaning of Christmas is found in the meaning of Easter. And the meaning of Christmas and Easter is found in the meaning of divine humility. Pagan and […]

Sunday’s Climax

The story of the crucifixion plods along, like a death march. It is exact and exacting, just like the act of crucifixion itself. Clocks could be set by it: nine o’clock Jesus was crucified; twelve o’clock the sky grew dark; three o’clock Jesus died. The story of the resurrection, however, is a jumble of comings […]

Friday’s Drama

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The cross stands at the center of the Christian faith. It also stands at the crossroads of history. The cross is history’s hinge. On that Friday afternoon, when Jesus hung on that cross, human history changed forever because there on the cross humanity and divinity met in intimate fellowship. Those who stood at the foot […]

Good Christian Men, Rejoice

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The birth of Jesus is the only true source of joy for mankind and for the whole creation. For this reason we rejoice—we literally “see joy” and delight in life. And with the Psalmist we proclaim: “I will praise you, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will show forth (I will recount and tell […]

Santa Claus, More than a Jolly Old Elf

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For seventeen centuries his legend has graced the lips of faithful saints, the poor and downtrodden, and good little boy and girls across the globe. But no matter how great his legend, his legacy is greater still. Bill Bennett, in a new Christmas book, The True Saint Nicholas: Why He Matters to Christmas, has peered […]

An Evangelical Manifesto

Jesus had the annoying habit of never doing or saying what was expected of Him—by everyone, that is, except His Father. The religious elite were confounded by His Messiah-like popularity. But when He didn’t act like the Messiah, according to their expectations, even the populous grew skeptical. Both the religious leaders and the people wanted […]

God’s Amazing Grace in the Life of John Newton

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December 31, 1772. How many scenes I have passed through in that time! By what a way the Lord has led me! What wonders he has shown me! My book is now nearly full, and I shall provide another for the next year. O Lord, accept my praise for all that is past. Enable me […]

Preaching the Death of Death in the Middle East

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The Middle East continues to cause Americans more heartburn than any other issue outside of our shores. This seems especially so every September since 2001. Many suffer indigestion over questions like: Will Israel negotiate peace for land? Can the Palestinians live in harmony with themselves and with Israel? What is the future of America’s presence […]