“Unbroken”: Unspeakable Suffering, Unrelenting Savagery

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Laura Hillenbrand has only written two books but she ranks as one of America’s most gifted narrative historians. Along with David McCullough and Nathaniel Philbrick, Hillenbrand’s histories are novel-like. But her histories aren’t make believe. Like McCullough and Philbrick, Hillenbrand’s storytelling talent is backed by meticulous historical research and rigor. In her first book, Seabiscuit: […]

“The Little Way of Ruthie Leming”: A Review

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Books that demand undivided attention don’t come along every day. Fewer still those that demand not just a reading, but a thinking—half swallowed and chewed again, as we might say in Texas. Rod Dreher’s memoir about his sister, Ruthie is just such a book. The Little Way of Ruthie Leming is not only beautifully written, […]

A Baker’s Dozen for 2011

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Well, it’s that time of year again when tradition trumps common sense and our will to live up to our own best hopes. It’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Of course, everyone who sits down to compose a list, whether short or long, has every intention of following through. Most will fail. But no matter, […]

Sunday’s Climax

The story of the crucifixion plods along, like a death march. It is exact and exacting, just like the act of crucifixion itself. Clocks could be set by it: nine o’clock Jesus was crucified; twelve o’clock the sky grew dark; three o’clock Jesus died. The story of the resurrection, however, is a jumble of comings […]

Saturday’s Interlude

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There on the cross hung the limp body of the One they thought was the Messiah. There on the cross hung the hopes and dreams of those who longed for freedom from Roman oppression and anticipated the glorious kingdom of God. There on the cross—for all to see—Rome had won and God’s plan for His […]

Friday’s Drama

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The cross stands at the center of the Christian faith. It also stands at the crossroads of history. The cross is history’s hinge. On that Friday afternoon, when Jesus hung on that cross, human history changed forever because there on the cross humanity and divinity met in intimate fellowship. Those who stood at the foot […]

The Debate Over Tiger Woods’ Soul

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The air is blowing hot these days around New York and Washington, D.C. Not the outside air mind you—that’s rather chilly this time of year. I’m talking about the hot air emanating from the pompous, pseudo-intellectuals who make their livings wind-bagging about things they little understand and little care to learn. I’m talking about the […]

Speeches That Made History: Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural

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Abraham Lincoln awoke on the morning of March 4, 1865, to the sound of a torrential rain. It looked like he would be inaugurated for a second term under the dome of the newly completed Capital, to the disappointment of the thousands of skin soaked and mud splattered visitors. As the morning wore on the […]

Taking the Gloves Off and Making Up

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“Derrrriiiick!” The yell of my daughter penetrated the walls, entered my ears, and put my nervous system into a headlock. “What happened now?” I thought to myself as I walked upstairs. Just as I reached the top of the landing, both son and daughter zeroed in on me—like stink on a skunk. Then began the […]