“Unbroken”: Unspeakable Suffering, Unrelenting Savagery

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Laura Hillenbrand has only written two books but she ranks as one of America’s most gifted narrative historians. Along with David McCullough and Nathaniel Philbrick, Hillenbrand’s histories are novel-like. But her histories aren’t make believe. Like McCullough and Philbrick, Hillenbrand’s storytelling talent is backed by meticulous historical research and rigor. In her first book, Seabiscuit: […]

Reagan’s 9/11

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Few presidents have articulated the principles of freedom with such passion and persuasive force as did Ronald Reagan. None since have. Therefore, it seemed fitting, on this thirteenth anniversary when, in the words of President George W. Bush, freedom was attacked—September 11, 2001—that we read and hear anew from the champion of freedom. On January […]

The Colossus of Independence

The morning of July 1, 1776, dawned hot and humid. Before the morning ended a summer storm engulfed Philadelphia. John Adams woke before the dawn. He dress, wrote a letter to Archibald Bulloch, ate breakfast, and walked to the State House. “This morning is assigned the greatest debate of all,” he told Bulloch. “A declaration, […]

The Honor Roll

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The boys upon the honor roll, God bless them all I pray! God watch them when they sleep at night, and guard them through the day. We’ve stamped their names upon our walls, the list in glory grows, Our brave boys and our splendid boys who stand to meet our foes. Oh, here are sons […]

“The Blood of Heroes”: A Book Review

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Legend and myth shroud the thirteen day standoff at Mission San Antonio de Valero, better known as the Alamo. For many popular historians and movie makers the famous line from John Ford’s 1962 movie, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, serves as a guiding light when it comes to the Alamo: “When the legend becomes […]

The Alamo and Her Defenders

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The predawn morning of March 6, 1836, was quite—strangely so. For twelve days some two hundred men, along with a smattering of women, children, and slaves, hold up in the Mission San Antonio de Valero had endured an almost ceaseless cannonade from some two thousand Mexican soldados surrounding the mission’s adobe walls. For twelve days […]

“First Thanksgiving”: A Book Review

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I love history. Most of the books I read are historical or biographical. In another life, if I could have one, I’d be a professional historian—or at least a professional writer of histories. David McCullough is one of my heroes. Simply put, I’m a history nerd. But I take comfort that I’m in good company. […]

Founding Fathers Friday: Abraham Baldwin

In the late eighteenth century, Georgia was America’s far-flung and backwoods colony. More of an appendix than a vital organ to the overall wellbeing of the original thirteen. Large in land, Georgia was puny in population—in 1787 it boasted of approximately 25,000 souls, while the city of Philadelphia boasted of 40,000 souls. But Georgia was […]

Founding Fathers Friday: William Few

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When we think about the Founders we often envision them as a pantheon of wealthy white men—men born to privilege and prestige. Of course all of them were white. Nearly all were wealthy—at least for their day. (It should noted, however, that a great many of them also carried heavy debts.) But not all of […]

Founding Fathers Friday: Francis Marion

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He didn’t sign the Declaration of Independence. He didn’t sign the United States Constitution. He didn’t serve in the Federal Congress. He didn’t even fight in the Continental Army. Yet, without his activities as a militia man on the southern front in the War for Independence, America would be a different country. History has all […]