“He is an orator who makes me think as he thinks, and feel as he feels.” —Daniel Webster

I’m a word man.

Words are the only objects of human creation that endure through the ages.

Pyramids decay, buildings crumble, and paintings fade. But words — whether three thousand years old or three minutes old — possess the potential to enter the soul as fresh and as forceful as the day they were first uttered or penned.

As a speaker, I strive for style and substance — to speak persuasively and eloquently. Many speakers can deliver substance as masters of their subjects, but lack the style to keep audiences engaged for more than a few moments. Other speakers are masters of style — lots of sizzle but lacking the steak. Finding speakers that are both persuasive and eloquent is a challenge for any event planner. My hope is that this page will help you make the right decision for your event, organization, or association when it comes to selecting a speaker.

I engage ideas at the crossroads of faith and freedom by pursuing wisdom from the past, projecting hope for the future, and proclaiming courage and liberty in the present.

Speech Topics

Evil and Suffering: Few realities are more profound, more mysterious, or more puzzling than the reality of evil and suffering. Only the love and grace of God is a deeper mystery. In this presentation, I wrestle with the overpowering mystery of evil and suffering and offer hope — if not answers — for how we might gain a new perspective on the gnawing questions of why evil exists, why we must suffer, and why doesn’t God doing something about it.

Lasting Liberty: Our Founding Fathers won our freedom by arms and blood. They established our freedom by parchment and ink. But they could not sustain our freedom — only we can do that. In this presentation I look at how well we are doing as a free people and argue that our current views of freedom and our inability to pass on to the next generation what it means to be an American are great threats to our liberty today. The threats are real, but answerable. So I also offer a way we might meet these threats and establish lasting liberty for ourselves and our children.

The Art of Living Free: Americans are artisans in freedom . . . at least that has been our history and heritage since the founding. But today we are staring into a future that may end up in the hands of a generation no longer able to maintain America’s legacy of liberty. The greatest threat to American liberty is the failure to pass on to future generations what it really means to be Americans. In this presentation I provide practical, though necessary, virtues that define us as Americans. I also provide creative solution as to how we might instill these virtues into the lives of children and grandchildren, so they might learn the art of living free.

Christian Citizenship: Christians are called to practice their faith for the good of the public. But ignorance to what God has said about faith in the public square, blindness to how secularism has marginalized faith within the public square, and wrongheadedness to the challenges of faith in the public square Christians have either withdrawn from full citizenship, have kept their faith a secret, or have politicized the faith. In this presentation, I offer a better vision — a biblical vision — of Christian citizenship.

What Others are Saying

“Derrick is a . . . speaker and writer who is very articulate on liberty.” —Keith Self, Collin County Texas Judge

“Derrick is a master communicator. No matter the genre, medium, or audience, he is able to find just the right words to accomplish his goal. . . . His preparation is legendary—and pays off with dramatic results. I’ve observed audiences of all ages respond with unbroken attention and great retention to the most difficult concepts.” —Brianna Barrier Wetherbee, Writer

“Derrick Jeter is a gifted speaker. . . . He is passionate about teaching excellence, always prepared to deliver his message in a clear and understandable way.” —Rob Troy, Engineer

“When it comes to finding a way to present a complex concept or idea, there is no better person than Derrick. He is a master at communicating detailed, deep content to an audience that does not have expertise in that subject area.” —Eric Weinkam, Businessman

“Derrick is an excellent communicator. . . . He understands the big picture, can focus in on the details that truly matter, works hard at his craft, and exudes an affability that makes him well-loved by those who work with him.” —John Adair, Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary

“Derrick is thoughtful, intelligent, and possesses the rare talent of being able to present complex thoughts in a way that others can easily digest.” —T. Scott Stromberg, Artist

“Derrick has given the best vision for our country I have ever seen.” —Craig Claybrook, Co-Author of “Triumph Amidst Bloodshed”

Booking Derrick to Speak

If you’d like to engage Derrick on matters of faith and freedom and invite him to speak to your group, organization, or association please ask about his availability by contacting him at derrick [at] derrickjeter.com.


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