Texans have a reputation for telling tall tales—for stretching the truth a bit. It’s true. But it’s a reputation honestly earned. We’re not apt to pass up a little embellishment if it gives a story a bit more spice. After all, we put a pinch of pepper on our chicken fried steak and jalapeños on our enchiladas. But for the sake of my non-Texan readers—and the few fussy Texans out there—I’ve tried to keep the cattle corralled. However, I make no guarantee that from time to time the bull hasn’t wandered from the herd.

Wherever you find the bull, I hope you’ll enjoy these stories. If you’d like, you can print them, email them, agree with them, argue with them, discuss them, dissect them, or disseminate them. But whatever your do, please don’t alter them, take credit for them, or charge money for them.

God bless you and God bless Texas.

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