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Ten Commandments of Texas

Spoon Graphics Vintage Texas

Spoon Graphics Vintage Texas

No one ever leaves Texas after they have been here a certain length of time. They either can’t or don’t want to, or it may be as the old settlers use to say, “having once drunk Red River water, it was not possible to go back.”
— H.H. McConnell

If y’all hail from north of the Red River, east of the Sabine River, west or south of the Rio Grande River and want to make y’alls abode in Texas, then y’all need to abide by these Ten Commandments.

  1. Y’all shall be loyal to Texas—and Texas only.

  2. Y’all shall not drive in the left lane, except to pass.

  3. Y’all shall not take the name of Texas in vain.

  4. Y’all shall remember the Alamo ’n Goliad.

  5. Y’all shall honor George ’n Willie.

  6. Y’all shall not mess with Texas.

  7. Y’all shall not eat In ’n Out.

  8. Y’all shall not touch or take another man’s cowboy hat.

  9. Y’all shall not call Taco Bell Tex-Mex or grillin’ hotdogs ’n burger BBQ.

  10. Y’all shall not covet my Whataburger, chip, queso ’n salsa, Dr Pepper, Shiner, or Blue Bell.

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