Our Day of Dependence: A History Lesson from Thanksgiving

For Americans, the Fourth of July is our day of independence. But the fourth Thursday in November is our day of dependence — Thanksgiving.

Although Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday in 1863, its origins are much older — to the Pilgrims’ harvest feast of 1621. But unlike our celebration today, the first Thanksgiving didn’t include dressing or gravy, mashed or sweet potatoes, nor cherry, apple or even pumpkin pie. It did include something often missing in our modern Thanksgivings — something far more important than pie.

In Our Day of Dependence: A History Lesson from Thanksgiving, Derrick G. Jeter highlights the daring and dedication of the Pilgrims in establishing a colony of faith on the shores of Plymouth. And using the Pilgrims as an example, Derrick offers an enduring lesson for all of us today.

Our Day of Dependence is available on Amazon Kindle.

ISBN: 9780983877042 (ebk)


A 911 for 9/11: Finding Answers to the Evil of September 11, 2001

“Where was God on September 11, 2001?”

That was the question on the minds and tongues of many in the aftermath of that tragic day. And though there were other questions, political questions—“What did the government know and when did they know it?” “Why didn’t the government stop the terrorists?”—it was the philosophical and spiritual questions that gnawed at the soul, and continue to gnaw even ten years later. “Where was God on 9/11?” “Why would God allow this to happen?” “Why didn’t God do something to prevent it?”

In this personal account, A 911 for 9/11: Finding Answers to the Evil of September 11, 2001, Derrick G. Jeter wrestles with these philosophical and spiritual questions. The answers he finds may not remove the splinters from everyone’s mind but they will bring hope and healing to many.

PDF Downloads: excerpt, reading guide, and press kit for A 911 for 9/11.

A 911 for 9/11 is available on Amazon Kindle.

ISBN: 9780983877028 (ebk)


O America! A Manifesto on Liberty

Liberty should be the great aim of government. So thought Thomas Jefferson. But today, with ever increasing debts and deficits, and an ever intrusive and bloated bureaucracy, liberty for the average American is more a sentiment of a bygone era than a reality for the twenty-first century. To be sure, America remains the beacon of freedom for a liberty-less world but, as Derrick Jeter argues in this provocative and challenging pamphlet, Americans today are less free than were our forefathers.

Derrick contends that America is at a crossroads. Will we return to the ideas of our Founders, who believed in limited government and near unlimited liberty, or will we walk down a path laid out by those who favor near unlimited government and limited liberty? If we choose the one and not the other we run the very real risk of losing liberty, for ourselves and our children—and once lost, it is lost forever. But the choice is ours to make. If we hope to make the right one then we must act with wisdom and with courage. And this is no simple task.

In O America! A Manifesto on Liberty, Derrick uses history as a guide, both American and ancient. In this pamphlet he articulates a plan of action that calls upon the wisdom of the past to encourage us to be brave and to live free in the present.

PDF Downloads: excerpt, reading guide, and press kit (DGJ) & press kit (Creative Resources) of O America!

O America! is available on Amazon Kindle and in Paperback.

ISBN: 9780983877011 (pbk)

ISBN: 9780983877004 (ebk)


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